Matthieu Bousendorfer

This is my Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Product Designer & Web Art director
I currently live in Paris, France.
I'm mainly known as edenpulse online.

My motto : Keep it simple, stupid.

I'm available for work!

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About me

I am passionate about the creative alliance of technology and design.
I focus on keeping things clean, simple and elegant on websites, apps or visual identities I design.

I think that in terms of design, simplification is the ultimate sophistication.
The user experience is at the center of my design process.


I design many things—

I upload most of my work and work in progress to Dribbble.
You can see shots of design stuff I've worked on and many concepts.

I blog about design —

My personnal blog. It covers quick computer tips, technology, design and web things.

You can view my work here —

That's my portfolio, you can see there a selection of my best works. (currently under construction)

I write on medium —

Here I write about personnal thinkings and random thoughts

Conferences I gave

Sometimes I speak - SpeakerDeck

Réconcilier les développeurs et designers autour d'un thème WordPress w/ Geoffrey Crofte
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Professionnal Experiences

I've been doing various things on the web for the last 8 years
and had the pleasure to work at :

2015-2018 WP Media

In charge of all the look and feel of all websites and products of the company

2014-2015 — Alsacréations

Designed many websites for various clients, from small companies to national institutions

2012-2014 — Press Agrum

I designed and developped many websites for various clients.

2011-2012 — Alsasys


DUT SRC / MMI (graduated in 2010) — IUT Mulhouse

I learned there how to plan communication, marketing strategies, visual and graphical techniques

DUT Informatique (not graduated) — IUT Illkirch - Strasbourg

I learned many web programming languages including Javascript and PHP, basics of network administration.


Feel free to contact me if you have a project, or questions
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